My workshops are a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

We begin by gathering in circle to create the container for connecting, sharing, and learning. I invite you to meet your inner world and wisdom though ceremony, writing, mindfulness practices, and guided visualization.  The painting you create will serve as a visual holding place for the insights gained throughout your journey, and represent your unique experience. This is not about learning how to paint; rather, it is about getting to know yourself on a deeper level through the act of creating. It is an experience of expressing your authenticity by creating from the soul while coming into direct relationship with your edges and choosing to grow from there. During your time with me, I provide readings and teachings related to the theme we are working with and guide you through the creative process with painting demonstrations and prompts for continued inquiry – what information are you receiving? You will not be copying what I paint, (although you are welcome to use my demonstrations as references); rather, you will be creating your own image with my guidance using Intentional Creativity processes. You do not need to have any art/painting experience to participate and receive the benefits of this way of creating.

There were many thing that were revealed to me in my painting. She now hangs in my living room and “talks” to me every day. My end result was a positive painting that reminds me to love myself and take care of myself.
— R.H.

I offer two types of Intentional Creativity® workshops:




Both types of workshops can have any theme applied to them, such as: exploring self-love, belonging, resilience, accessing the muse, mind-body healing, abundance, life transitions, etc. Please see upcoming events for more information.


  • Both Color of Woman & Red Thread Sessions can be offered as a 1:1 mentoring experience with me.

  • No previous painting experience needed

  • I provide the supplies and refreshments.

  • Workshops are held at my Comox Valley studio

  • If you're on Vancouver Island and have a group and the space, I can come to you!


Disclaimer: Although I, Caroline Miskenack, have a professional background in nursing and knowledge and experience in the mental health and addictions field, I do not diagnose, prevent, or teat illness, disease or any other physical or mental conditions, nor am I a trained therapist. If treatment for physical or mental health issues is required, I am able to provide recommendations on how to access these services.




The Color of Woman 13 Step process offers an in-depth experience of working with your internal muse, based on a particular theme. These workshops are typically offered over two full days. We work with acrylic paint on canvas, intuitively painting your personal muse archetype and symbols that arise throughout the journey. I guide you through the 13 steps, layer by layer, demonstrating as we go. You will not copy what I paint; however, you are invited to use what I paint as reference  - rather, you will be guided using the 13 steps as the structure to create a painting that is unique to you.



This is an invitation to women who are willing to grow and are ready to journey into the realm of deep self-love.  You will be immersed in a  transformative process of remembering your value and reclaiming your worth.

arrival logo.png



In this workshop you will travel into the territory of courageous living in spite of fear, limiting beliefs, and unhelpful stories. This workshop is meant for a woman release what is no longer serving her, and to take empowered action toward personal illumination and expansion.

Awaken the Muse2.png


We are all born to create. If you are a woman feeling called to create something, stoke your creative fire, or take your creative path in a new direction, you are invited to Awaken the Muse. This workshop is a 4-week journey into the domain of your creative muse as a way to (re)discover what your soul desires to create.



Red Thread Sessions are offered as half or full day classes. We use acrylic paint on water color paper or canvas to explore ourselves in relationship to a specific theme. There is less (or no) emphasis on painting a human form, as we work mostly with symbols, shapes, and words.

growing gratitude logo.jpg


 This session is an invitation to cultivate more gratitude in your life as a way  to inform and transform your way of living.

roots of resilience logoLG.png



Challenging life events invite us to take a close look inward and call us into action. In this session we will explore growing our resiliency in the midst of uncertain times.




This session offers an opportunity to release limiting beliefs and stories that are holding you back from living a soul-fully expressed life, through the creation of personal empowerment cards.



The gifts you carry within are unique and powerful remedies that can help heal, guide, and support yourself and others. You are invited to this simple, yet potent creative process that will open you up to discover, gather, and honour your personal medicine.

Ear to the Heart.jpg



Do you hear your heart whispering, nudging you to listen to what is trying to tell you? In this workshop, you be guided through a journey into the heart of your inner wise  muse and being to honour and claim your truest desires.

The experience for me was very helpful to overcome some of my past and helped me move forward with my future. I learned new things about myself in the process, and the painting was very therapeutic
— R.M.


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