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This workshop is sold out. It will be offered again in the New Year!

Stories are powerful. The stories we tell ourselves about our own experiences can be particularly impactful. Too often these stories are unhelpful, even hurtful. We tend to be critical of ourselves for not doing, being,or having what we "should".  We also make up stories about others in ways that keep us from deeply connecting.

Yet, these stories are simply untrue. They are made up based on beliefs that have formed throughout our lives and live embedded within our subconscious, operating in the background of all our experiences.

These beliefs become woven so tightly into the fabric of our being that they run like automatic programs, causing us to act and think in ways that can make us wonder why we find ourselves repeating patterns throughout our lives (dieting, difficult relationships, jobs that deplete us, etc.),  feeling stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated....

But, it doesn't have to be this way.
These stories can be rewritten, by you as the author!

Have you read Brene Brown's book Rising Strong? In it she talks about rewriting our stories and the "shitty first draft" - getting the story out of the head and onto paper so that we have something "tangible" to work with. Doing this gives us a up-close and personal look into how our minds move into automatic beliefs that can cause us unnecessary suffering.

In this class you will be doing something very similar - but with paint added!

Are you ready to explore some of the limiting beliefs and stories about yourself, about others, and about the world that may be holding you back?

In this workshop you will:

  • join others in circle and be connected by the Red Thread.

  • be guided through a creative process to identify limiting beliefs and find their antidotes.

  • be guided through a meditation/visualization  and practice connecting to your heart and intuition.

  • work with paper and paint to create your personal deck of soulful story cards that will transform the old beliefs and affirm what is true and empowering for you!

No previous painting experience needed

Art supplies are provided

Space is limited

Full payment is required at the time of registration. If cancellation is required, you must cancel up to 5 days before the event to receive a full refund. If cancellation occurs between 48-96 hours (2-4 days) before the event, a 30% cancellation fee will apply. No refunds will be given with less than 48 hours (2 days) notice. Please connect with me by phone or email to cancel. Thank you!

Earlier Event: November 4
Later Event: January 27