Dear one,

Is there something you are longing to get clarity on, heal, grow, or transformation in you life?

One-on-one mentoring allows for focused attention to be given to you....

Whether you are at the beginning of your self-discovery journey, have been on it for many years, or are somewhere in between, Intentional Creativity brings you into direct relationship with your intuition, the quantum world, and divine wisdom. It opens you up to expand your ways of knowing, feeling, and being, regardless of where you are on your path.

Using Intentional Creativity®, together we will explore what is you would like to receive guidance on. I will facilitate this by taking you through a creative journey that will give you access to your own inner wisdom. The process involves asking key questions while painting and writing to receive the answers and information that is ready to be revealed, healed, shifted, and transformed. You will be empowered to begin re-imagining and rewriting the vision and narrative of your life. You will be witness to your soul’s presence, and deepen the connection to your essence. this process which is customized to your specific needs.

You may choose a session based on my current workshop offerings, or we can discuss designing the session(s) just for you.  Sessions can be anywhere from 2 or 3 hours, up to 12 hours spread over a schedule that is flexible. Investment for these sessions vary according to the depth you’d like to go (more time=more depth). Feel free to contact me for more information. I am happy to discuss payment plans, if necessary. We can work  together either in person at my studio or online via Zoom.

I  recognize, that at this point you may not fully know what it is you want to work through, yet may feel there is "something".  Perhaps its simply that you want to experience more creativity in your life - we can do that too! In fact, guiding others to find and cultivate their creativity is a large part of this work I offer. If you do know what it is you’d like guidance on, that is AWESOME! Either way, I’m here to guide you, and invite you to connect for a free 30 min session to explore how I may be able to serve you.

To schedule your free session, you can use the calendar at the bottom of this page or contact me.

It would be my honor to be a guide along your path.

Much love,


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Your vision will become clear only when you look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
— Carl Jung

Disclaimer: Although I, Caroline Miskenack, have a professional background in nursing and experience in the mental health and addictions field, I do not diagnose or treat illness, disease, or any other physical or mental conditions. I am not a trained therapist. If treatment for physical or mental health issues is required, I am able to provide recommendations on how to access these services.