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GROWING GRATITUDE: cards for daily practice


Join me in the studio for this workshop to creatively grow your gratitude practice by discovering a new way of journaling. This workshop is for those new to gratitude journaling and for those who desire to deepen their current practice. You do not need prior art experience!

This workshop will include:

  • guidance through an Intentional Creativity® process to make your own set of hand-painted cards with written journal prompts, and a matching journal cover.

  • a grounding guided meditation that will inform your creative process.

  • a Red Thread Circle for creating our container of connection as a group.

  • all supplies, including book to create your journal.

  • refreshments including water, tea, coffee.

Additionally, you’ll receive recommendations on how to use your cards in an effective way for cultivating your daily gratitude practice, based on the research of Robert A. Emmons, PhD and author of "Gratitude Works". Dr. Emmons’ research has shown that having a grateful disposition reduces feelings of loneliness, fear, anxiety, sadness, and depression and increases feelings of love, optimism, joy, contentment, and compassion. Gratitude practice can also reduce the stress response in our bodies, and just this alone is powerful medicine for well-being.

As an added bonus for joining this workshop you will be invited to join a FREE 30-day journal practice challenge I will be hosting in a private facebook group, beginning June 8th.

This group is intended to be a community where we work through the journal prompts and share on the learning and insights that arise as we cultivate our individual practices. This group will also be a container for creativity, so sharing on the creation of your cards and journal cover is encouraged!

I know gratitude works. In the face of some major challenges in my own life, I have found that cultivating gratitude has helped me get through these difficult times.

I’ve learned that shifting your perspective toward what IS going well in your life takes conscious choice, because our brains are wired to focus more on what is not working, what needs fixing, what is lacking. Shifting your perspective by being grateful for what IS going well and you already have is not to minimize the struggles and challenges you face; rather, it choosing to be with both joy and pain. This is the paradox of a life fully experienced, and I’m excited to share this learning with you!

Space is limited

Investment: $44