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Our hearts are intelligent and intuitive. They provide us with raw, unfiltered wisdom, knowing things before our minds do. This is how our wise inner Muse speaks to us: through our hearts.

They are always speaking to us, in whispers and sometimes with pounding force; in feelings of joy, contentment, inspiration, being in the flow, ease, and love. In these ways, they receive and offer us information about what we truly desire.

These desires long for expression, and when they go unacknowledged, we can experience a burning restlessness. Restlessness that is an energy, moving through the body, mind, and spirit, calling us to listen and pushing us to make changes so we can grow and expand.   

Yet, women often don’t listen to or simply ignore the messages of the heart because what we hear can tell us that we have to leave the comfort of our current situation; we have to shed and let go of the old to make room for the new. Put simply, we have to change. And change is a wild unknown, causing fear to tighten its grip, in spite of the burn restlessness causes. However, one day, that burn will become a raging blaze, and it will either consume us or give us the fuel to move forward and claim our desires and to make the changes that feed our souls.

Are you a woman ready to journey into your heart, meet your muse and listen in for  what you truly desire to cause, create, and experience in your life?

Join me for “Ear to the Heart”, an Intentional Creativity workshop.

When we bring intention to creating a new story of honoring our desires and making this visible in shape and color, our minds become aligned with the heart and learn to see the possibilities of how these desires can become actualized in our lives.

In this workshop you will:

  • Be guided into the space of your wise inner Muse and connect to your heart’s wisdom through guided visioning, writing and painting.

  • Identify your heart’s desires and acknowledge and honour them through the creative process.

  • Claim your desires and identify actions to begin living aligned with who you truly are.

  • Connect with other women who are choosing to listen to their hearts and use their sense of restlessness and disconnect as fuel for personal growth.

  • Be connected by the Red Thread to a circle of sisterhood.


all art supplies are provided

no previous painting experience is required.

space is limited

Cost: $75

Earlier Event: August 18
Later Event: November 4