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Connections: Red Thread Circle

When women gather together, magic happens! I invite you into the sacred space of this circle for ceremony, wisdom sharing, intentional discussion, creativity, and connection.

Through the passing of the red thread to one another, we connect and weave our stories together to create opportunities for personal and collective healing, transformation,  growth, and celebration - all of which are amplified in community.

This month we continue an Autumn series of inquiry and intentional conversation inspired by the poetry of Shiloh Sophia. We’ll read from her book,“Tea With the Midnight Muse” , which offers beautiful inquiry for exploration based on the theme of each poem.


Bring your journal, cozy blanket, and slippers, and be ready for to immerse yourself in the sacredness of sisterhood as we share together what arises for us as we reflect on the beauty, wisdom, and magic living within the words of Shiloh Sophia.

Space is limited.

Please email me by clicking the RSVP button below to save your space.

There is no fee to join this circle; however, should you feel called to make a donation, it will be used to help replenish supplies and maintain the space. Any contribution is held in gratitude.

Circle is held in my Comox Valley studio.