I have a passion to move energy through my hands, to create something of beauty in the world that both heals and inspires myself and others. My art is a reflection of my story and the stories of all that I love. It is informed by my personal growth and evolution and all the things that cause me feel deeply connected both internally and externally; it is inspired by the domains of lived experience, quantum theory, metaphysics, spirituality, feminine principals, holism, and Mother Earth.

I approach life and relationships, with curiosity and an open mind – seeking to learn, to gain new information that grows me. I stand with it in humility while striving to let go of the illusion of perfection. Creating art for me is my conduit to the Divine – the flow of life, where possibility and uncertainty live simultaneously in the Great Mystery. When I’m at the canvas, or writing poetry I am leaning into this mystery, surrendering control and following the lead of the brush or pen. Through painting and writing I find freedom, including emancipation from the confines of the roles and labels society has placed upon me as a woman, and this is where I am most connected to my whole self.

I paint in layers, building up the image in steps that are informed through intentional visioning, inquiry, and intuition. As my vision takes form upon the canvas, my ears and heart listen closely to what the painting wants. I flow and follow my brush adding layers upon layers until it tells me I’m compete. I write from a grounded, embodied state and the words often come when I am in nature or during and after the painting process. My art both breaks and mends my heart in its development from a process of facing the personal and collective suffering head on and then consciously choosing to move that energy into form – this is my medicine.