The Fire Inside: Answering the Call to Action.


I have a fire burning inside.

This fire was sparked before my birth, I’m sure. Yet, only this past year it feels like it’s grown into a wildfire that I’m no longer able to contain.

There has been “something” bubbling under the surface for quite some time and I’m taking steps to move into doing what my soul has longed for me to do. It’s taken a while to get here, to this place of naming what that “something” is, and to find the courage to declare what is my work to do in the world.

So Why Now?

Have you ever felt a profound sadness, or a love so big for people you don’t even know, turn into a burning call to action? This is where I’m at. I am deeply concerned about the health and well-being of our world. I have talked about it, ranted about it, cried and gotten angry about it. I’ve blamed others for it, and myself at times. At points, I’ve numbed out, disengaged and hunkered down inside my bubble – it’s so comfy there!

But, my fire…yes, my fire – it’s fueling me.  It is furious, in the most loving way and I’m learning how to keep my heart open and still feel deep concern so I can keep going.  There too, is so much beauty in the world, remember? There is so much truth in the beauty that exists, and so much potential for more of it to be created by women who are empowered to live their truth! I am deeply concerned about the well-being of the women and girls I am taking a stand for. I have something to contribute.

My big heart has been asking me to work with young women, as a way of contributing to the bigger work of ending cycles of trauma in the lives of women and their families. These young women are at the cusp of full-blossomed womanhood. They are young women who have sparks in them that want to be tended -  young women who have so much potential to become leaders, healers, innovators, revolutionary creatives if they begin to believe in themselves, allow themselves to dream big and claim their worth, no matter what their circumstances. I believe in them, and I hope you will help me by also believing in them.

I’m in the process of creating a self-discovery and empowerment program as a way to support, honor, and encourage their healing and growth. My goal is to teach the program in schools and other organization that support and service young women. And I need your support for getting it “out there” when it’s complete!

If you are curious about what I’m up to with this program and willing to support me in this work I would love for you to follow my journey at this blog.

I will be posting more details about this project in the near future. If you would like email notifications for blog updates, I invite you to sign up to my news letter if you haven’t already!

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I know that I’m not “the one” who will end these cycles and patterns of trauma, but I do have a contribution to make. My heart is open and I am ready to do this work. I’m scared, but that’s okay, I’m know I’m not alone…I believe YOU are holding me up!

I’m sharing a poem I’ve written: “A Call to Young Women.” Feel free to copy it and share as you feel called; especially with any young women you love.

In gratitude and big love,




You, my dear, are made of magic.

If you look close enough,

to the very back of your eyes

you will see the cosmos.

Here you will learn

that you are your very own universe,

filled with pure potential.

And your universe is not like others,

for on the day of your arrival

the stars aligned, just so

to make a home under your skin. 

You are a light, dear one.

And we need you.

We have been thinking of you

as we write our own stories,

shed our tears in the night

praying to the sky that you notice yourself

the way we notice you.

We see you burning inside,

a supernova in waiting.

We feel the rhythm of your fire

in our hearts and bones.

We need you to help keep the flames alive.

To use your voice.

To speak your truth.

To make your art.

To cause revolutions.

To create a new story.

We call to you –

bring your light and build your dreams

upon the roots of all the women before you,

for we are here to carry you.

We hold you up

so you may hold each other up,

and your future children,

and their children too.

We lift you high so your light can shine

farther than you've ever imagined.

©caroline miskenack 2019